Packaging glassware

We deliver our goods in containers and packaging that meet the standards and specifications. At the request of the customer, glassware can be packed in paper or corrugated cardboard.

By agreement of the parties, it is possible to pack the goods in returnable / non-returnable wooden containers, as well as individual foam packaging.
  • the package must contain products of the same name, color, size
  • the cover layer of the package must be made of paper or corrugated cardboard
  • glassware with bavel elements or other elements that protrude relative to the plane of the part are packed in corrugated cardboard with two products with the back side to each other
  • glassware with an area of less than 0.005 mm can be packed in batches of no more than 10 pcs.
  • the weight of one package of products should not exceed 25 - 30 kg
  • after packaging in paper or corrugated cardboard, the glassware are placed in boxes

Delivery by own transport

Our company has its own transport, on which fast and, most importantly, safe delivery of goods across Russia is possible.
Many years of experience on the glass market of our country allows us to make the delivery of goods by the company's transport our competitive advantage!
Glassware are transported under the condition of ensuring their safety and protection from mechanical damage
If the transport package is wet, it is necessary to unpack the products in the recipient's warehouse as soon as possible, wipe with clean dry material and dry
The goods are delivered from the Supplier's warehouse on the terms of "EX Works" (EXW) "Franco Plant", at the address
392030, Urozhaynaya, str., 2 "B", Tambov,Russian Federation.


The Goods are delivered in batches based on the Buyer's request. The minimum order quantity is agreed with wholesale Buyers.

Non-cash payment of the invoice based on the generated account is possible through any bank in which a legal entity has a current account.

After receiving the request from the Buyer and the preliminary cashless payment, we produce and deliver the Goods.
We guarantee the quality and reliability of the delivered Goods.
The quality of the product meets the requirements of state standards and requirements.