The maximum glassware size
450 х 1800 mm
Maximum glass thickness
19 mm
Minimum glass thickness 3 мм

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To add exclusivity to the interior, to attract attention, as well as to bring more convenience and comfort to life, allows the use of bended glass. 

This method of heat treatment of glass allows to bend it, giving the necessary radius, can be performed after various types of glass processing:

Main advantages

bended glass can act as an independent product (glass shelf, table), and as part of a furniture ensemble (glass door)
in our company, we strictly monitor compliance with the geometry of the shape
bended glass allows you to realize the most unexpected ideas, create unusual shapes, artistically process them

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

Bended glass products are used in cabinet furniture, architecture, as glass partitions, in shower cabins, during glazing. 

The technological capabilities of our company allow to manufacture bended products from both ordinary and tinted glass.