Max. glassware size
  1500 х 2500 mm
Min. glassware dimensions
600 х 200 mm

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Sandblasting is the treatment of the surface of a glass or mirror by exposing the surface to an abrasive sprayed by an air stream. To ensure effective application, professional skills, high-quality equipment and quality control are required. Each element affects the result of the entire system.

In the process of exposure to glass or mirror of abrasive materials with the help of air, the surface takes on a matte shade, giving an aesthetic, elegant and finished look to the product.

Surface decoration is performed according to a pre-pasted sketch (stencil).

Our company is a manufacturer, not a buyer of sandblasting cloth, which makes it possible to

spray of any degree of density
production of sandblasting drawings
to polish both ordinary and tinted glass, as well as a mirror

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

Sandblasting technology is widely used for interior decoration:

  • decoration of cabinet furniture;

  • decoration of mirrors, including for areas with high humidity;

  • production of wall panels (glass doors, partitions), decorative elements, including ceiling.

The cost of glass products with sandblasting will depend on both the density of spraying and the shape of the pattern that will be applied to a mirror or glass. The sandblasting pattern is created using a plotter template individually for each glassware.