Max. the size of the product with a bevel
 40 х 40 mm
Min. the size of the product with a bevel
more than 2.5 mm
Glass thickness from 3 to 19 mm

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The decoration of the space with glass products and mirrors with a bevel (from the French "chamfer" or "facet") is becoming increasingly popular in the modern interior. Framing a mirror with a bevel is not a simple type of processing, but adds sophistication to the product and luxury to the interior.

Bevel is the production of a wide polished chamfer (from 5 to 40 mm) on figured products. Depending on the needs of the client, the bevel can be made of various sizes, bevel angles, radii of rounding on a glass or mirror of various thicknesses (from 3 to 19 mm).

Main advantages

bevel manufacturing on both small and large products
we guarantee the accuracy of the convergence of angles
the possibility of applying a bevel of curved shapes

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

We can offer to apply bevel to various types of glassware:

  • classic bevel on a mirror (silver, bronze, graphite);

  • bevel on mirror tiles of various shapes (square, rectangle, trapezoid, honeycomb/hexagon, rhombus, parallelogram, triangle, circle, oval, arbitrary curved shape);

  • bevel on ordinary or tinted glass with a thickness of 3 to 19 mm;

  • bevel on glass or glass tiles with UV printing;

  • manufacture of small elements made of glass or mirrors of various shapes with a bevel - bavels.