Maximum dimensions
 3658 x 2438 mm
Minimum dimensions
 100 x 350 mm
Glass thickness  from 4 to 12 mm

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Stemalite, also enamelite, enameled glass is high-strength glass decorated with enamel (ceramic paint), and then heat-treated. During the hardening process, the enamel is baked on the surface of the glass and becomes resistant to mechanical damage and environmental influences.

Stemalite is actively used both in architecture and for creating interior solutions, as well as in the decoration of furniture elements.

Enameled glass can act both independently and as part of double-glazed windows and triplex.

There are a great variety of options for using stemalite:

  • facade glazing;

  • facing of balconies;

  • wall decoration;

  • door manufacturing;

  • office and interior partitions;

  • glass display cases and shelving;

  • glass floors and stairs (as part of a triplex);

  • furniture and furniture elements, etc.

Main advantages

safety and durability of tempered glass;
increased impact resistance;
a large selection of colors;
resistance to mechanical damage and scratches.

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

When ordering enameled glass products, it should be taken into account that after its manufacture, resizing and drilling are impossible, since the technological process of stemalite production includes a thermal treatment stage.

The main stages of enamelite production are carried out in the following sequence: cutting, edge processing, if necessary – drilling of technological holes and cutouts, cleaning, applying enamel, tempering, where the paint is sintered with the glass surface.

Stages of work

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After paying 100% of the order value, the product is put into production
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