Max. mirror size
 6000 х 3210 mm
Min mirror size
10 х 10 mm
The thickness of the mirror from 3 to 5 mm

Our company's specialists are ready to provide information on issues related to production, technical parameters, terms of manufacturing and delivering glass and mirror products, as well as on other interesting you issues!

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Currently, mirrors, especially large ones, are widely used in interior design to create the illusion of space and large volume in small rooms.

Main advantages

mirror of leading manufacturers
the possibility of purchasing a mirror with a thickness of 3 mm, which significantly reduces the weight and cost of the finished product
mirror of our own production with a unique protective coating on the reverse side, which makes the product moisture-resistant

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

Company “Spektr” is not only a seller and processor of mirrors, including large - Jumbo sizes (3000x6000 mm), and non-standard - 3 mm thicknesses, but also a manufacturer of its own mirror cloth! The unique technology of powder coating of the mirror makes the product moisture-resistant, as well as resistant to mechanical damage to the reflective layer.

Our company produces not only a classic silver-colored mirror, but also ultra-modern graphite and bronze mirrors.

By ordering a mirror from us, you do not just buy a piece of standard-sized glass cloth with a mirror coating, you get a unique opportunity to create a "mirror work of art" according to your own dimensions and wishes!

We offer:

  • to cut a mirror of silver, graphite or bronze shade exactly to your size and shape;

  • to process the edge or apply a bevel;

  • if necessary, to make technological cutouts in the glassware;

  • if desired, to apply an engraving or sandblasting pattern;

  • using UV gluing, securely attach decorative elements or glass shelves;

  • additionally decorate the mirror with an ornament using UV printing;

  • purchase a tempered or aged mirror.