Maximum dimensions
 1900 х 1550 mm
Minimum dimensions
400 х 200 mm
The maximum thickness of the glass from 14 to 62 mm

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Glass units -this is an element of a window structure made of two or more glasses, bonded (glued) together along a contour using remote frames and sealants, and providing the room with natural light.

It is unnecessary to explain to a modern person what a glass unit is. These structures have long and firmly entered the market of glazing buildings and structures. However, not all manufacturers have modern glass unit production lines that allow to produce products of the highest quality.

Thanks to the successfully completed certification procedure, the Spektr company confirmed the safety of its own double-glazed windows. According to the results of certification of the products of Spektr LLC, a certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.SG64.N01395 dated 06.06.2023 was received.

 Glass units may vary:

  • By the number of cameras. A space called a camera is formed between each two glasses. In this regard, glass units are divided into single-chamber (two glasses), two-chamber (three glasses), etc.

  • By width. The width of the glass unit is the full width of the block together with the glass and air part.

  • According to the typesof using glass.

The production of glass units on high-tech equipment-assembly lines allows

get a better and more durable product
avoid condensation formation
use tempered glass of our own production, or glass with various types of covering, as part of a glass unit
reduce heat loss
save energy resources

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

In our company you can order a glass unit made from:

  • ordinary glass -high-quality polished float glass;

  • LowE glass - energy-saving glass, i.e. glass with a low-emission "soft" or "hard" coating. The "soft" magnetron coating provides resistance to heat transfer, the "hard" pyrolytic coating is easily subjected to tempering, can be used both in single glazing and as part of a double-glazed window;

  • the sunscreen, which meets the standards of thermal insulation from excessive solar radiation, cuts off the maximum amount of thermal energy while maintaining a high level of visible light transmission, while allowing significant savings on heating and air conditioning of the room ;

  • impact-resistant - tempered glass.

Glass units can also have decor, for example, frame bars.