Max. glassware size
1200 х 600 mm
Min. glassware size
5 х 5 mm

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Fusing is a stained glass made in the form of an application of multicolored pieces of glass, laid out on a glass base, baked in a special oven. As a result, an interesting texture of the finished material is obtained, bright and voluminous.

The basis of the stained glass window is a glass sheet, it is a kind of "picturesque canvas" on which the stained glass artist "paint" with the help of a high-temperature furnace and pieces of special glass for fusing his work. The glass base allows to get the illusion of perspective, volume and depth. The enamel glassware turns into a real "picture of glass".

Main advantages

wide range of colors
lack of connecting joints
multilayered surface of glassware

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Heat treatment of glass in the furnace allows to create artistic glass with an original texture and a very wide range of colors. The image on the stained glass window can be made voluminous and convex, or leave individual sections of it flat, the contours of the drawing airy and transparent. It is possible to create the desired thickness and relief of the stained glass.

Fusing is used not only for the manufacture of stained glass windows, but also, for example, interior partitions or sliding doors in the room, and small fusing products can act as decorative elements on glass and mirror.