Minimum thickness
4 mm
Maximum thickness
19 mm
Maximum seam length 1500 mm

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This term refers to the connection of glass elements using a special UV glue, under the influence of ultraviolet light on it, the polymerization process takes place, which allows to create a strong connection of materials.

Glass furniture, interior items, decorative elements created with the use of ultraviolet glass gluing are relevant for modern interiors. For reliable connection of structural elements and parts made of glass, a new technology of UV glass bonding is used on our production.

Main advantages

strength of glued joints
decorative elements durable fastening
absence of visible connection points of elements

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The technology of UV gluing allows not only to glue full-fledged products made of mirrors and glass, but also to decorate them with small elements, such as rhinestones, bavels, fusing and others.

This technology is widely used in the creation of trade and exhibition equipment interior elements; tables; shelves; TV stands; advertising racks; glass structures; glass furniture; glass display cases; decorative elements; "dry" aquariums, etc.