The minimum window size is
400 х 400 mm
The minimum door size is
500 х 1000 mm
The minimum width of the façade aperture is 200 mm

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It is already difficult to imagine the construction of modern buildings and structures without the use of aluminum facade structures, with aluminum windows and doors built into them, which actively displace PVC structures from the market with a number of undeniable advantages.

Facade glazing combines modern design, reliability and durability of structures. It allows you to achieve an attractive appearance of buildings.

Doors made of aluminum profile reliably protect from the weather, are comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly.

Aluminum windows give warmth, comfort and coziness to your home.

The production facilities of the Spektr company allow us to paint products in our company in the color and texture you choose, which significantly reduces the production time and cost of the final product.

Advantages of aluminum

less responsive to seasonal temperature changes;
makes it possible to produce large sizes of products;
the structure can be easily disassembled, moved or replaced double-glazed window;
resistant to hacking,
durable and eco-friendly;
low weight of structures.

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Stages of work

You can contact us by phone or by leaving a request on the website
Coordination of glassware manufacturing, payment and delivery terms
Signing the contract and invoice issuing
Payment is possible only on the basis of the invoice issued
After paying 100% of the order value, the product is put into production
Delivery is carried out through transport companies or pickup