*prices are indicated for the service, taking into account raw materials - glass 4 mm
Max. the dimensions of picture
2600 х 1300 mm
Min. the dimensions of picture
10 х 10 mm
Glass/mirror thickness from 3 to 19 mm

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UV printing is a type of printing using ink that hardens (photopolymerizes) under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

The polymerization process is irreversible, therefore, such inks are saturated, bright, greasy and waterproof, create long-lasting images with high resistance to erasure and chemically active substances.

This technology is the most environmentally friendly of all others, which is important for interior printing.

Main advantages

wide range of colors
durability of the coating
the possibility of applying both solid and fragmentary pattern

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

Photo printing on glass is a modern technology that allows to apply high-quality photographic images to any flat surface, including glass and mirror.

At our production you can order:

  • backsplashes,
  • glass countertops of both rectangular and round or oval shape, also tempered, at the request of the customer,
  • glassware with UV printing for use in wardrobes,
  • photo prints on furniture facades,
  • decorative panels or printing photos on glass.

We can make the above-mentioned glass products both from glass of any thickness from 3 to 19 mm, and from a mirror, cut into size, make technological holes, process the edge, apply a bevel, or tempered, at the request of the customer.