Max. the dimensions of the finished part
2000 х 1000 mm
Min. dimensions of the finished part
195 х 130 mm
The thickness of the glass on which the engraving is performed from 3 to 15 mm
Min. the length of the engraving line 30 mm

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The engraving treatment of glass and mirrors gives an opportunity to exquisitely decorate your interior. In modern design, both elements of the design of cabinet furniture and decorative panels are used.

Engraving is a way of creating an image, drawing, inscription, ornament on the surface of a glass or mirror by mechanical action on it - faceting, grinding, polishing.

You can order the execution of polished or matte engraving with the image of various elements, as well as the application of symbols, artistic elements and geometric shapes.

According to the shape, the engraving can be made: U - shaped V - shaped П– shaped.

Main advantages

engraving of various shapes and sizes
production of engraving according to customer's drawings
application of an engraved image on large-sized products
engraving on bending glassware

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

The engraving looks equally exquisite both on glass products for the kitchen and bedroom sets, and on mirrors in panels, on decorative elements of doors and on glass tabletops of dining and coffee tables.

The appearance of products with engraving depends on the type of finishing, whether it will be grinding or polished - it's up to you!