Maximum dimensions
 2300 х 1300 mm
Minimum dimensions
 100 х 100 mm
Minimum thickness of the finished product from 8 mm

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Triplex (from Lat. triplex - triple) - laminated glass (two or more glasses glued together with a special polymer film or a photo-cured composition capable of holding fragments on impact).

Triplex glass is made using the technology of gluing several sheets. Moreover, they can be both raw and tempered. When using the latter, technical and operational characteristics are increased to the maximum level.

The strength of the triplex depends on the type of glued sheets. The material consisting of raw glasses withstands shocks much better than usual analogues. At the same time, the triplex does not crumble into fragments when damaged. They are securely held with a film.

The finished triplex glass is subjected to tests and inspections, including testing of glass for resistance to impact, penetration, light, humidity and heat, incandescence, heat shock, resistance to disintegration into fragments.

Main advantages

high strength
increased thermal and sound protected characteristics
the possibility of implementing design developments

Samples of our glassware

Areas of application of triplex glass:

  • in the design of entrances and lobbies of public buildings;

  • creating office partitions and storefronts;

  • glazing stairs;

  • in double-glazed windows installed on the roofs of buildings;

  • glazing trade pavilions and bus shelters;

  • in the manufacture of glass steps;

  • in the manufacture of glass floors.

The quality of the triplex is regulated by GOST. The quality of gluing a triplex is determined by the quality of the adhesive (film), the quality of surface preparation and compliance with the technological process modes. The quality of the glass surface determines the degree of adhesion. In case of uneven surface cleaning, the formation of bubbles, areas with low bonding strength is possible. Specialized devices are used to control the quality of the surface.

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