Maximum dimensions
 3 658 х 2 438 mm
Minimum dimensions
100 х 350 mm
The maximum thickness of the glass 19 mm

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Tempered glass is glass obtained as a result of heat treatment, which ensures its increased mechanical strength, heat resistance and safety in case of destruction.

The glass tempered at our enterprise meets the requirements of GOST standards.According to the results of the products certification of Spektr LLC, a certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.M2475.04ATCO.C313.N24124 dated 12.12.2023 was obtained.

The modern equipment of our company allows us to temper both transparent and mass-tinted glass, as well as glass with various types of coating, which is confirmed by test reports.

There are variety of variants for tempered glass using: glass walls in the office , glass walls on glass terraces, glass tables and tabletops , doors, tempered backsplash and decorative panels, in glass unit as a protective element of the product.

Main advantages

safety (even if damaged, it crumbles into many safe fragments); - increased impact resistance
heat resistance
the quality of tempered glass is confirmed by the test protocols of world-famous glass fabric manufacturers in Russia – our supplier partners

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

At our factory you can order tempered glass doors or glass tabletops with sandblasted pattern or UV printing, with bevelor edge processing, as well as with the necessary cutouts for accessories.