*prices are indicated for the service, taking into account raw materials - silver mirror 4 mm
Min. the size of the mirror tile
 40 х 40 mm
Glass thickness
from 3 to 19 mm
The thickness of the mirror from 3 to 5 mm

Our company's specialists are ready to provide information on issues related to production, technical parameters, terms of manufacturing and delivering glass and mirror products, as well as on other interesting you issues!

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Mirror tile is a modern and relevant interior decoration.

It has the ability to enter and reflect light, and also affects the perception of space, giving the room an additional volume.

Main advantages

the possibility of manufacturing mirror tiles of various sizes and shapes (including curved ones);
individual work with each client;
production of tiles both from mirrors (silver, graphite, bronze), glass (illuminated, tinted), as well as from glass with UV printing of any shades of colors and patterns.

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

Due to the fact that our company is a manufacturer, not a seller, you can set your imagination free and order mirror tiles of various sizes, colors and shapes from us, as well as glass tiles with or without a pattern. The cost of the product is calculated based on the size of the tile, the selected material and the types of processing used: beveling, edging, drilling, UV-printing , UV gluing деталей, engraving, sandblasting.

Mirror tiles of this shape can be made in the following colors:

Stages of work

You can contact us by phone or by leaving a request on the website
Coordination of glassware manufacturing, payment and delivery terms
Signing the contract and invoice issuing
Payment is possible only on the basis of the invoice issued
After paying 100% of the order value, the product is put into production
Delivery is carried out through transport companies or pickup