Min. hole diameter
5 mm
Max. hole diameter
75 mm
Min. inner radius 10 mm

Our company's specialists are ready to provide information on issues related to production, technical parameters, terms of manufacturing and delivering glass and mirror products, as well as on other interesting you issues!

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For reliable fastening of glass products, holes are made in the glass and mirror. Technological cutouts for accessories, as well as their processing is carried out at our enterprise by both drilling and milling methods.

Drilling allows you to make a round hole in the material.

Milling means making cutouts of various shapes.

Using a high-quality tool allows to

make holes in the glass and mirror without chipping at the edges
produce of any shape and complexity
process the inner edge of the cutout

Here you can observe the operation of our equipment in the process of creating your product

For you, we can make: 

  • round-shaped cutouts, 

  • "Arch" shaped cutouts, 

  • "Mickey Mouse" shaped cutouts, 

  • standard rectangular cutouts with a minimum inner corner radius of 10 mm, 

  • as well as non-standard cutouts with a processed or untreated inner edge on a mirror and glass with a thickness of 3 to 19 mm.